I strive to provide personalized, high-quality psychological care utilizing methods that are specifically tailored for your individual needs and situation.

I use solution-focused treatment in a caring and supportive environment to work toward your therapy goals that we establish collaboratively. My therapeutic style is to actively help you learn more about YOU, so that you are better equipped and confident to manage the "waves" of life independently and successfully.  

My approach to therapy is based on the Cognitive-Behavioral therapeutic model and I use a bio-psycho-social perspective when evaluating difficulties that arise in our daily life. I value the "whole-person" or holistic perspective when looking at things. Problems or issues may arise when there is an imbalance or disruption in one (or several) areas of our lives, including relationships, job-related, our thought patterns, or they may be medically-related. Therefore, the solution to these issues are not "one-size-fits-all"; there are no "cookie-cutter" treatment plans in my practice. Each treatment plan is unique to the patient, based on your history, needs and goals.

Services provided by Dr. Mueller include individual psychotherapy and biofeedback, which help with a variety of different conditions and issues. We all have unique backgrounds and life experiences, so the course of treatment will vary slightly from one person to the next. 

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